You can easily receive SMS Online using your exclusive Keywords and Short/ Long codes provided by SandeshTech. Our Online SMS Platform allows you to manage incoming messages in most efficient manner. You can set up an automated reply or can forward them to your e-mail address / web application/ mobile on live basis. You can also export all customer mobile numbers to add to your contact list of CRM system by using our seamless API integration. SandeshTech helps you to build a database, Share information to customers with 2-way communication with Short/ Long Codes.

Choose your keyword that relates to your Business (e.g. CAR) on any of the available shared long/short codes (e.g. 9666919991 or 56768)

Choose an exclusive long code for your business (e.g. 96669 XXXXX) or short code (e.g. 56768XX). You can ask for separate inbox for each of the keywords.

You can avail these readily available keywords, long codes, and short codes by just paying as low as Rs. 500. Connect us at or +91-9555912221 to request for premium numbers (e.g. 96669 96669 or 98679 98679).

All replies and customer mobile data is stored at our online SMS Platform. You can access this from anywhere in the world. We segregate all responses based on the keywords/ Long Code/ Short Code. E.g. inbox of Keyword “CREDICARD” will save Credit Card queries whereas “SAVINGS” keyword inbox will have all responses of Saving Account.

SandeshTech online platform gives you liberty to configure action on receipt SMS like, you may want automated reply, forward to e-mail IDs/ forward to your CRM. By using these features you can simply automate the whole process. Our robust bulk SMS Platform does this job with highest of efficiency to give you world-class experience.

Two-way SMS

Create multiple inboxes for all your keywords separately. This way you can manage many campaigns running on a single dedicated long/ short code. Each Inbox will have leads of single keyword for your quick analysis.

Integrate your CRM for Forwarding

Our Powerful API can integrate with your application to receive all incoming messages on live basis for your quick action. This feature is useful for integrating SMS with your web application or CRM

Forward Incoming SMS to Mobile

Forward all received SMS to specific mobile number using SandeshTech Web Application. This feature is backed by world-class tech infrastructure making it smooth and seamless.

Configure Auto-Response

You can easily set-up an automatic reply SMS to all response received in your keyword Inbox. Moreover our SMS Service platform is equipped to schedule responses for future date also.

Forward Incoming SMS to E-Mail

Forward all incoming SMS to an e-mail ID or group of e-mail Ids with no additional charges. Your can reply by your mail which we will send to the customer by SMS.

Forward to a Group

This feature allows you to forward all incoming SMS to a pre-selected SandeshTech panel contact list. Costing of this will be SMS based, your pre-loaded credits will used as per forward per number.

High Capacity Contacts List

SandeshTech provide add-on feature to stores all your unlimited contact numbers absolutely FREE of cost. This contact list is handy and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our online SMS Platform.

Email auto-replies

When you receive e-mail IDs as reply from your clients as incoming SMS, you can set-up an automated e-mail reply with ease. You can send your company information, brochures and/or attachments with reply e-mail.

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Now, gather all campaign leads, customer responses & track campaign's ROI at one place

Collect opt-in Customer Data

Our short/long code service helps you to send great offers to your customers and motivate them to opt-in. Collect this data and make amazing DB for your business.

2-way communication channel

SandeshTech helps your clients to directly connect with respective teams by sending an SMS on a particular short/ long code. Response received can se sent yo particular team.

Lead Management at its Best

Managing your leads is super easy. Fear of missing a lead is over even when your team is busy with other customers. All captured leads are available on SandeshTech online Bulk SMS Platform.

Your 24 X 7 Virtual Assistant

Set-up auto replies by SMS or Auto-emails replies with your company information/ brochures, Images, website links ottachements. You can also configure custom replies as per Keywords.

Conduct a Poll using SMS

Collect the popular opinion of customers about your product or services. You can ask your customers/ prospects to send their response by SMS on short/ long code.

Track Marketing ROIs

Analyze impact and effectiveness of every targeted segment by assigning unique keyword for a single source of data. For Example take separate keyword for Delhi & Bangalore.

Customer Query Response

You can simply setup key words to respond to customer queries like Price List of your brand, Restaurant Menu etc. Customer will receive information as per pre-configured response.

We are servicing hundreds of brand including leading financial institutions with their full trust on us for sending OTPs and other Transaction Alerts via our Bulk SMS Platform. We offer them best-in-class online SMS gateway to fulfil all their business needs

Block Chain Based Smart, tested SMS gateway routing Platform with high efficiency for TRAI DLT mechanism
Robust and Scalable world class SMS tech infrastructure capable to Services Highest of Peak SMS Traffic with zero latency
Direct Operator Connectivity with all Tele-companies for smooth routing & traffic management. We know it better for you!
Highest-grade security with two factor authentications & IP Whitelisting. Be assured for all your data. It is more than safe with us!
Easily Accessible Customer Support from technical expert assistance for everything & anything related to our services
Transparent & most competitive pricing with zero hidden charges & Yes, all SMS packs comes with unlimited validity

A very good team with best understanding of markets. Company has good market strategies to provide best output and branding.

Naha P

We have been using SandeshTech service for last 4 years and really impressed with the customer service and personalised attention . Keep up the good work!!

Sumit Kumar
Co Founder- Nulearn

A great company with enthusiastic leader Anandd Tripathi with full SMS delivery commitment at it's best. SandeshTech keep following-up till you are satisfied. We have learnt from them and trying to execute the same principles for our customers. Best of Luck Team.

Amit Arora
CEO- Saryasya Pvt. Ltd.
Pageant Technology
Rajesh Medical & Company
Realty Corpus
RetZEN Retail
Riwaaz emporium
Rummy Circle
SS Group
SafeChem Industries
Sandhya Garments
Siyaram's Silk Mills
Sun Pharma
Terapanth Yuvak Parishad
capital builder