Select Your Bulk SMS Service Provider

SMS Vendor is an integral part of your marketing team in a way that it involves high cost resulting in viability of your business. Your business needs SMS in various ways like: Promotion Bulk SMS, Transaction SMS Alerts through API, OTPSMS where you need authentication of users. Selecting a vendor is a rigorous process that involves analysis of various factors related to vendor. Few of these factors could be, speed of platform, downtime, delivery rates, operator’s connectivity, scope to scale, security, data encryption, live delivery reports updation, campaign management, technical support, customisation of features or panel. Not Only this, you have check about various hidden charges or indirect costs like validity of SMS, API/ UI application and features which impacts your total cost for SMS Strategy.

It always feels seductive when you save small while choosing a poor-quality bulk SMS services. Remember, an un-compromised SMS services ends up costing you more when your transactions fail or you lose your customers if a single OTP costing few paisa is not delivered to your new customers within time! No organization can calculate the lifetime revenue of any customer. So, compromising SMS services for few pennies would not be a great idea. One should always chooseSMS vendor with care after completely evaluating factors that impact your SMS campaigns.

A SMS Provider with dramatically low prices often takes short routes by compromising on above factors. To everyone’s conclusion, low price is a reflection of poor operator’s connectivity, lower investment on technical infrastructure &other resources, compromised product features and customer support.

Checkout few most important factors, which you must analyze while selecting bulk SMS provider. Also see how SandeshTech scores on each of the parameters and assure you highest ROI on your SMS budgets.

Highest Delivery percentage for Best ROI

We at SandeshTech feel proud ins erving for years in the industry with billions of delivered SMS every month.This large-scale operation has helped us with priority SMS connectivity from all major telecom operators. Our BlockChain based technology supports dynamic routing for all SMS traffic to balance the load and use the best available routing for quick SMS delivery.All this result SandeshTech gives you Best-in-Class SMS delivery percentage mechanism and low latencies for all your bulk SMS texts. We manage all our SMS traffic as per TRAI guidelines, so no need to worry about legal compliances. 

Small resellers and low cost SMS providers are generally connected to single operators or aggregators through a basic SMS Gateway. Any issue in this connectivity will directly delay your SMS or may fail your transaction resulting in Loos of business. So choose the right SMS vendor.

SMS Campaigns as per your Customers Choice

SandeshTech empowers you to create & deliver powerful and impactful SMS campaigns on your own. Features like personalised SMS to Millions, sending SMS in regional languages, Scheduling SMS campaigns, Distributed Delivery, Sending SMS withTracking Links & email to SMS are really helpful. You can also give reminders, collect data etc with SandeshTech online SMS platform.

Significance: Personalized SMS campaigns with above features results in better results as compared to plain Text SMS Campaigns. You can quickly manage campaigns with rich texts using SandeshTech Best-in-Class and most efficient SMS panel in market.

True & Live Reports; Correct Decisions

SandeshTech online SMS platform gives you real time delivery reports. We update delivery reports based on the acknowledgement received from the user handsets via operator’s SMS gateway. Our logs are 100% authentic and certified genuine by external & internal audit team from time to time. We have TRAI certified DND scrub for promotional SMS accounts.

Significance: Authentic delivery reports are the base of any SMS campaign strategy. This is helpful in database validation, calculation of ROI on your SMS budget, Reach of your SMSCampaigns and giving transaction confirmation. It is always helpful to have true delivery reports. Beware of low cost SMS providers who provide fake delivery reports to result in your business loss. 

Secured & Powerful SMS APIs for Integration

SandeshTechSMS APIs are fully secured & lightweight that helps in easy and quick integration with your system. Our powerful APIs not only helps you to send SMS but also to schedule SMS, collect delivery reports, receive SMS, manage automated voice calls etc. Not only this, our APIs comes FREE along with detailed API document with your SMS Account to help perfect system integration. 

Significance: APIs are data transfer routes so security & strength is the key. Our powerfulSMS APIs is good at end-to-end integration with foolproof data security. Our team helps you to make your project live with lower technical efforts at your end.

Robust & Scalable

Our high investment in technical infrastructure is the key for the higher confidence of all big brands. We have exclusive & dedicated routing for OTP SMS delivery. Our tech team is back bone of our company giving seamless experience even during peak traffic hours. We also have separate research capsule program to develop new products and implement new technologies for the benefit of our customers. 

Significance: Along-term invested firm can only be serious in the customer service rather than just making profits like small SMS companies. A compromised SMS service can be loss making for your business, as slowly it will motivate your customers to switch. So never be trapped by Low cost.

Check, Correct and Design best SMS Campaign

SandeshTech empowers you with enormous possibility to make your SMS campaign more effective and result oriented through its award-winning online panel features. Our link tracking capability given you insights on how many people opened the link, time of click, location, operating system and their mobile numbers with click reports.

Significance: Campaign reports are important data points, which need to be analysed regularly for abetter performance. Now, our online bulk SMS panel provides you live tracking data for deep understanding. These click reports helps you to analyse and make needful changes for better ROI using A/B test.

Advantages of Amazing Customer Support

We, at SandeshTech; promise Best-in-Class customer service to all our clients irrespective of its size. We give highest priority routing even to very small volume customer. Our customers confidence can simply be verified by the fact that we get almost 30% our business from existing customer references. Our wonder support team is always ready for marketing suggestions, technical help, campaign scheduling, personalised SMS content suggestions and for any help that is needed for a great and successful SMS strategy.

Significance: A great support is happily available at eleventh hour. Our team smiles for every help irrespective of the bill size. Connect us to check our service support team that will help you to keep your SMS communication absolutely perfect.

Transparent Pricing with NO Hidden Cost

We are absolutely honest in our pricing policy. Our pricing structures clearly indicate every costing element. Our Best-in-Class online Bulk SMS Platform & APIs are free to use. Our SMS validity is lifetime. We provide all routing at the same price keeping our pricing philosophy of world-class services to customers.

Significance: Market is crowded with SMS vendors giving cheap rates of SMS and adding miscellaneous charges for services like APIs, Tracking Links fee, Sender IDs fee, OTP priority fees, validity extension charges and so on.  

Powerful Tech Infra for Maximum Up-time

SandeshTech Cloud supported technical infrastructure has been made robust keeping demand level in mind. We have been ensuring minimum downtime since the inception in the industry forSandeshTech online Bulk SMS Platform.

Significance: OTP & Business Transaction SMS are all time critical. Unplanned downtime may fuel your customer anger or business loss. So many low cost SMS vendors leave their down time on the customer’s bay and never bother to invest in strong backend and support system.

Protect Customer Data with Encryption

Our Security policies are clearly written & thus data is fully secured with end-to-end encryption using https. We allow API integration with IP whitelisting. We have two-factor authentication mechanism for our UI. Being adata driven company, we take utmost security measures to protect your data from theft of hacking due to security breach.

Customer data is the most important asset that any organisation posses in this digital world. It is hard earned asset secured after years of tear and toil. Low price SMS vendors generally share your loyal customer data with other customers. Imagine if your customer data is passed on to your close competition in the same market!

We are servicing hundreds of brand including leading financial institutions with their full trust on us for sending OTPs and other Transaction Alerts via our Bulk SMS Platform. We offer them best-in-class online SMS gateway to fulfil all their business needs

Block Chain Based Smart, tested SMS gateway routing Platform with high efficiency for TRAI DLT mechanism
Robust and Scalable world class SMS tech infrastructure capable to Services Highest of Peak SMS Traffic with zero latency
Direct Operator Connectivity with all Tele-companies for smooth routing & traffic management. We know it better for you!
Highest-grade security with two factor authentications & IP Whitelisting. Be assured for all your data. It is more than safe with us!
Easily Accessible Customer Support from technical expert assistance for everything & anything related to our services
Transparent & most competitive pricing with zero hidden charges & Yes, all SMS packs comes with unlimited validity

A very good team with best understanding of markets. Company has good market strategies to provide best output and branding.

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We have been using SandeshTech service for last 4 years and really impressed with the customer service and personalised attention . Keep up the good work!!

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Co Founder- Nulearn

A great company with enthusiastic leader Anandd Tripathi with full SMS delivery commitment at it's best. SandeshTech keep following-up till you are satisfied. We have learnt from them and trying to execute the same principles for our customers. Best of Luck Team.

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